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Born Musician,Child Prodigy and One of the Best Young Vocalist of the Country


Dhananjay born in a musical family, is a young and talented Hindustani classical vocalist. At the age of four, he was identifying the shruthi or musical note of a car horn or temple bell. Observing this talent, his parents encouraged Dhananjay to learn music. He began learning music at the age of four from his mother Smt. Geeta Hegde. His father Sri G.S. Hegde is a Tabla player and founder of a music Organization “SAPTHAK”, which is successfully promoting Hindustani Music in Bangalore and outside too.

Later, Dhananjay was fortunate enough to have trained under Pt. Venkateshkumar from Dharwad, for a while. In 1989, he joined Pt. Vinayak Torvi for an advanced training and he has undergone rigorous training under panditji in Gurukul tradition. It was this taleem which he received from panditji, moulded Dhananjay into a complete performer. It was not just learning one to one from Panditji, but being with him for his concerts all over, made a huge impact on Dhananjay, as a performer. After the intense Taleem of 14 years, he shifted to Mumbai to pursue his music career and to reach greater heights in music field. But he still seeks guidance from panditji.

One of the interesting aspects of Dhananjay’s music is the blend of Kirana and Gwalior Gharana, which he has imbibed from his Guru. Dhananjay aspires to be honest musican and to follow in the footsteps of maestros of yesteryears.

He started performing at the age of seven and has not looked back since then.

Dhananjay has several commercial audio cd’s to his credit and his 2 releases are available on www.underscorerecords.com

Dhananjay is presently working as Branch Manager in Karnataka Bank Ltd, Mumbai.


Music for Dhananjay Hegde is from his lineage. His Father G.S.Hegde had developed a deep passion for music in all its varied forms. G.S.Hegde is Tabla player and Founder of an Organisation "Sapthak" which is encouraging and promoting Hindusthani Music in all its aspects. Dhananjay Hegde's mother Smt.Geetha Hegde belongs to the Keremane family of artistes in the tradition of Yakshagana. She has learnt Hindusthani Classical Music from Pt.Vinayak Torvi and now is a very sought after Guru in Bangalore.

His wife Pratima Hegde too is practicing Hindusthani Classical Music and His son Master Suyog is getting trained of classical music.

It is remarkable that Dhananjay Hegde's family is totally involved in music and is dedicated to it in all its genres.


Notable accomplishments & Performances

Dhananjay Hegde has been awarded with prestigious “Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar” for the year 2013-2014 by Central Sangeet Nataka Akademi, New Delhi
Dhananjay Hegde has been awarded with prestigious “Swarasamrat Pt Basavraj Rajguru Rashtreeya Yuva Puraskar” for the year 2016 by Swarasamrat Pt Basavraj Rajguru National Memorial Trust,Dharwad
  • He stood first in Zonal level and was the runner-up in the national level talent search competition at ITC, SRA, and Kolkata in 1990
  • He has been awarded the Scholarships by HRD Dept,CCRT and other organisations
  • He has been awarded Sa.Ma.Pa.Rastreeya Yuva Ratan Puraskar at Delhi
  • His Programmes have been featured in all India Radio, Doordarshan and many private channels
  • He holds “Sangeet Visharad” degree from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya
  • He is empanelled with Indian Council for Cultural Relations
  • He has toured USA, Nepal and Bangladesh with his Guruji and has also performed solo in USA and Thailand
  • He was featured in the top 30 artistes of the country by “ Outlook” magazine’s New Year special-2010
  • Provided Vocal Support to Bharat Ratna Pt. Bhimsen Joshi at Sri Satya Sai Baba’s Birthday Celebrations, Puttaparthi
  • Performed in Prestigious stage Bhimsen Joshi-Sawai Ghandharva Sangeeth Mahotsava,Pune
  • Performance in Dasara Festival, Mysore
  • Performance at Sawai Gandharva Festival, Kundgol
  • Performance at Kala Academy, Goa
  • Performance at Sapthak, Nagpur
  • Performance at VSK Baithak, HCL Concert Series - India Habitat Centre, India International Centre,SAMAPA music festival New Delhi
  • Performance at Suburban Music Circle, Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre, Nadbrihma, NCPA
  • Performance at Nehru Centre, Ustad Alladiya Khan Sangeet Samraoh, Karnataka Sangha, Sharda Sangeet Vidyalaya, Swarendu,Swaraganga Festival-Thane Mumbai
  • Performance at Gayan Samaj Deval Club, Kolhapur
  • Performance at Dr.Prabha Atre Foundation, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Ganavardhan, Abhigyaan Mandal, Pune
  • Performance at Swaraganga, Sri Shanaishwar Jayanti Sangeet Samaroh,Gunijan Sangeeth Samaroh Indore
  • Performance at Sangeet Sankalp Music Conference, Ahmedabad
  • Performance at Sursagar, Sapthak,Gururao Deshpande Sangeet Sabha,Bengalooru Habba-2008,Rajguru Smriti Bangalore
  • Performance at Devnandan Ubhaykar Yuva Sangeetotsav, Bangalore
  • Performance at Pracheen Kalakendra Chandigarh
  • Performance at Ambabai Navaratri Sangeet Mahotsav, Miraj
  • Performance at ICCR Horizon Series,Jaipur
  • Performance at Bokaro
  • Performance at Dasnayak Trust, Calicut
  • Performance at Kala Prakash, Varanasi
  • Performance at Agra
  • Performance at Swar Sangam Amrithsar
  • Performance at Chennai
  • Performance at Lalmani Mishra Sangeeth Samaroh,Kanpur
  • Performance at Patna
  • Performance at “Arpan” festival, organised by New Age Foundation, Pune
  • Performance at 36th Samraat Sangeet Sammelan, Goa
  • Performance at Kalyan Gayana Samaj, Firoz Dastur Foundation, Mumbai
  • Performance at Shri Lakshmi Narayana Raag Sabha, Amritsar
  • Performance at National Institute of Technology, Sikkim
  • Performance at Ustad Abdul Karim Khan Sangeet Samaroh, Miraj
  • Performance at Samarth Seva Mandal, Sajjangadh
  • Performance at Anaahat Naad, Goa
  • Performance at Patiala Sangeet Sammelan, Patiala
  • Performance at Sangeetalok, Ambala, Haryana

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Dhananjay Hegde preforming at Chowdayya Memorial Hall
Dhananjay Hegde preforming at Tansen Samaroh
Dhananjay Hegde preforming at Poona
Dhananjay Hegde preforming at IISC Bangalore

Upcoming Concerts

Upcoming Concerts of dhananjay Hegde
Upcoming Concerts of dhananjay Hegde



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